Physical Play Imagination grows as your mind and body grow stronger!

You’ve got an invitation to participate in the Space Race.
Join Team Earth and take on the exciting challenge.
The “Space Challenge” is an exhibit designed to inspire creativity and
imagination in children as they engage in fun physical activities and
feel a sense of accomplishment.
Children take part in interactive physical activities, learning
the values of rising to challenges and working together with others
in line with the Olympic spirit.

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme Space Exploration
Location 2F Physical Play
Type Permanent Exhibit
  • Launch a Rocket

    Run, run, run and send a rocket to the Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

  • Space Challenge

    Take on the exciting challenge.

  • Move like Tutu

    Stretching exercise is fun with alien friend Tutu.

  • Black Hole Mission

    Jump onto a space flying board and escape the Black Hole.

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Physical Development Various activities help strengthen children’s fitness and motor ability.
  • Cognitive Development Various activities promote creative thinking, imagination and problem-solving skills.
  • Emotional Development Children feel joy from rising to a challenge and succeeding.

Mom and Dad!

Encourage your child to play safely and follow the rules. It is the values of the challenger spirit and cooperation that count.

  • 01

    Child First! Help your child choose his/her own challenge and feel the joy of accomplishing it.
  • 02

    Ask Questions! Before the exhibit, speak with your child about what it takes to be on Team Earth for the Space Challenge.
  • 03

    Be Patient! Help your child find joy in taking on a challenge and encourage cooperation.
  • 04

    Pay Compliments! Encourage your child to try again even after losing and compliment him/her for making an effort.
  • 05

    Play Together! Jump onto the space flying board with your child and escape the Black Hole together.