Imagination Play What wonderful things will you encounter on your journey through the universe?

Here we go on our trip to the Universe Exploration Olympics!
The Imagination Game in the “Universe Exploration Olympics”
invites children to explore various ways of sharing and communicating their thoughts
and feelings with others onboard a spaceship broadcasting the Olympics.
The game also encourages children to imagine what the
universe looks like beyond planet Earth.
Let’s put on our space suits and explore the universe!

Exhibition information according to subject, place and division
Theme Communication and Space
Location 2F Imagination Play
Type Permanent Exhibit
  • Sangsang Spaceship

    This spaceship will take you to the Space Olympics.

  • Trip on a Spaceship

    Explore space in a spaceship with an alien you created.

  • Constellation

    Find your zodiac sign, the Polaris and the Big Dipper.

  • I Am an Astronaut

    Dress up in a space suit like an astronaut and take a photo.

  • Space Sounds

    Bring your ears to the antenna and listen to the fascinating sounds of space recorded by NASA.

  • Letter to Space

    Write a message and let an alien take it into space.

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Physical Development Various activities help fine motor development and hand-eye coordination.
  • Cognitive Development Children learn to express their thoughts freely and communicate them effectively.
  • Emotional Development Children understand and empathize with others as they share their thoughts and feelings.

Mom and Dad!

Watch your child run wild with imagination as he/she travels through space.

  • 01

    Child First! Let your child choose for him/herself what to do.
  • 02

    Ask Questions! Talk about how an alien and a human being would communicate with each other.
  • 03

    Be Patient! Wait for your child to imagine what an alien would look like and express that imagination.
  • 04

    Pay Compliments! Compliment your child as he/she takes turns and waits in line.
  • 05

    Play Together! Join your child on his/her journey to space on a spaceship.