Ti-ri Ti-ri, Computer World Take a leap into the world inside the computer, which is tiny but also very “large!”

What skills do children in the new world of the future?
Ti-ri Ti-ri, Computer World is a hands-on exhibition based on a computer and coding theme
that helps children develop computer skills and creative problem-solving abilities.
It connects open-ended activities (designed to strengthen mathematical and scientific thinking skills) with
computers and coding to help children learn about and experience the mechanisms of a computer
without actually using the computer.

To expedite interaction with computers, this exhibition teaches children the basic concepts of coding
through familiar body movement games and fun, easy-to-learn “digilog” exhibits.
It uses the body to teach the concepts of rules and regularity
(commands, sequences, conditions, flowcharts, etc.).

Exhibition information according to Theme, Location and Type
Theme Computers and Coding
Location 1F Special Exhibit
Type Special Exhibit
  • Connect with Each Other

    There are essential parts inside the computer. Insert the computer parts and discover their role.

  • Play in Sequence

    Put the xylophone on and play it in sequential order.

  • Computers in Daily Life

    Find the computers in your surroundings through an AR video!

  • Complete the Flowchart

    Have fun moving five robots by matching the blocks of the flowchart.

  • Move on Command

    Move around according to the rules of roulette to escape from the maze.

  • Complete the Packet Puzzle

    Images sent via computer are broken into small pieces called ‘packets’ that are reassembled when they reach their destination. Match the packet puzzles to make your photo looks great.

In what ways will the exhibit help my child?

  • Body development This exhibition encourages balanced physical development through energy-releasing activities (running, jumping, etc.). It stimulates muscles related to gross motor skills and activities for fine control of smaller objects.
  • Cognitive development This exhibition helps children understand and experience computers from multiple perspectives and devise creative solutions to problems on a basic understanding of the mechanisms of coding, i.e., the “language” of computers.
  • Emotional development This exhibition gives children to experience the joy of dynamic, energy-releasing play that stimulates multiple senses as well as develop a sense of initiative through open-ended activities.

Mom and Dad!

Encourage your child to strengthen his/her critical thinking skills by exploring the basic properties of computers through play.

  • 01

    Provide generous praise for new endeavors. Praise your child whenever he or she learns an operating principle of computers.
  • 02

    Keep your perspective at the child level. Ask questions from a child’s point of view. Problems that seem simple to an adult may be an entirely new experience for a child.
  • 03

    Respect your child’s way of developing his/her own answers. Through an open exhibition that does not offer any “right answers,” encourage your child to experience and enjoy making a wide range of diverse decisions.
  • 04

    Find examples in your child’s surroundings. Talk with your child about specific experiences so that he or she can independently explore the various computers in the exhibition.

  • 05

    Be a playmate. Stimulate your child’s interest in enjoying the exhibits together and expressing interest in your child’s thoughts and reactions.